Objects of Use Vases

Object of Use Vases, is a series of bowls / vases / pots in three colors of stoneware. Each vase has a pedestal in oak, with brass cuffs. This can be turned upside down and has two use heights. The series is rethinking the plant pot, but with tangible references to the old classic. Objects of Use Vases is a small scale interpretation of Objects of Use. The ambition was to create a functional series of vases with the aesthetic and materials of its less functional predecessor – Objects of Use. We teamed up with set designer Pernille Andersen and photographer Benita Marcussen to produce a visual story about the series. In this collaboration, we gave the set designer and photographer total freedom to play and to carry out their creative visions for the Objects of Use Vases. The aim was to create the perfect scene to express and accentuate the story of the vases.



stoneware, oak, brass


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