Objects of Use

In 2014 we created the minimal functional series of furniture – or objects as we call them. The idea sprang mainly from our different backgrounds in architecture and design. The idea became to morph the two into a series of objects that challenged the users perception of space and function.

‘Objects of use is the result of two worlds meeting. Two professions intertwining. Two people crossing, clashing and correlating. It is a borderland, a hybrid. A place to ask what constitutes architecture and what justifies the label of design.’

Objects of Use was first displayed in Copenhagen at the gallery Etage Projects. Our focus was on combining materials—oak, brass and stoneware—with a scenographic setup that challenged the viewers’ perceptions and asked the question, “Is it art or is it furniture?” In spring 2015, this project received The National Solo Prize at the Spring Exhibition at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen.


Oak, brass, stoneware


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