Base Bench

Base Bench was exhibited as part of the group exhibition HJEMLIGHED (homeliness) during the Biennale for Crafts and Design 2015, Copenhagen. Nine artisans, designers, architects and artists explored the home. Artifacts produced within arts and craft is often looked upon as objects which have a specific use and function and have therefore had their natural place within the home. This field of interest has however changed to incorporate a broader and more reflective artistic approach whose objects and ideas are often presented in the traditional exhibition space or gallery. In the exhibition the nine artisans, designers, architects and artists moved into a private apartment in Lavendelstr├Žde 8, in central Copenhagen. For 20 days you were able to walk-in off of the street and explore how the exhibition blends in with the home.

Base Bench was created with the intention of gathering people around the dining table. In its gravity the bench appears grounded and fixed as a permanent element marking itself as a firmly established gathering place. Again we experimented with combination oak, stoneware and anodized aluminum.


Smoked oak, anodized aluminum, stoneware


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